Database of Galaxy Main Server


Is there any way to query data from Galaxy Main Server?

Select * From Job

or is there any way to get the data by communicating with the galaxy team?

NB. I’ve my local installation but I want to gather all the data available publicly from Galaxy Main Server.

Hi @khairul0026,
not, this is not possible; could you provide me with information on what data you are interested in?


Hi @gallardoalba ,

I’m mainly interested in the below table data.

  1. stored_workflow
  2. workflow
  3. stored_workflow_annotation_association
  4. stored_workflow_tag_association
  5. workflow_step_connection
  6. workflow_step
  7. workflow_step_input
  8. workflow_output

It’s also fine if I get only the published data as there have data privacy issues.