-- Server issues Feb 25, 2020 Resolved

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Harsh working as a Ph.D. student at MKU, Madurai and have been extensively working on the (Main) servers for analysing my NGS data. But to my concern, the server is seems to be down and not being able to be accessed from my university servers since, 25th Feb’ 2020 afternoon 1Pm (IST) onwards. Please, help me regarding to this as my analyses is halted and i cannot access at all.

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Harsha Dev


I have been facing the same issue as well.

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Hello @Hart95 and @Pranav_Menon

The public Main Galaxy server at experienced server-side issues that are now resolved.

Ongoing server status can be found here:

Expand and click into problematic resources for detailed tracking and updates. For this incident, the full report is here:

Work that was started or completed within the last ~24 hours could be impacted. Please rerun any failed jobs as a first pass solution. This applies to all tool failures. If reruns started now later fail, please review for usage issues first, then ask a new question if you cannot determine the problem.

Thank you for reporting the problem!

Thanks for the response !