Does refreshing for tool panel changes require a server restart?


I have installed Galaxy release_22.01 on RHEL 8 and added a couple of custom tools to it. But whenever I change anything in the xml of a tool, I need to restart Galaxy service for the change to take place on Galaxy. Is there a way to make the changes appear directly on Galaxy without the restart

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I think a restart is needed to refresh the tool panel xml files. But let’s double check. I’m cross-posting this to the Admin chat. They may reply here or there. Feel free to join, too. You're invited to talk on Matrix

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Newer version have <toolbox monitor="true"> which will reload the toolbox on any xml change of a loaded tool, but at your version I do not think it is available yet.


can I add this line to my version if yes which script should i add it to

I think it actually might be, add it to your tool_conf.xml (galaxy/lib/galaxy/config/sample/tool_conf.xml.sample at release_22.01 · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub)

my version has this line and yet the issue is not resolved

try installing the watchdog dependency in the Galaxy’s .venv

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