fastq_join tool in Terra Galaxy cloud environment: command not found error


As I am trying to get my analysis workflow up and running on Terra, I am having some difficulty with the fastq_join tool (Tool ID:

There are several tools that are not present in the default Galaxy instance that I needed to install, one of which is fastq_join. As Admin, I installed several tools and they appear to work successfully (e.g., fastx_barcode_splitter, fastx_trimmer). With fastq_join there appears to be a repository dependency package_ea_utils_1_1_2_806 that is required, and in the advanced options also click boxes to install tool and repository dependencies. However, when I try to run the tool in Terra, it fails with the following messages:

Fatal error: exit code 127 and /galaxy/server/database/jobs_directory/000/16/ line 9: fastq-join: command not found.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this matter. If any additional information would be useful for troubleshooting, please let me know.

Sincere thanks,