Question: Tool not found with Tool Search. Answer: Tool not hosted at a public Galaxy server or Tool not installed yet at a custom Galaxy server.

I have a problem with galaxy search tools, when I write the name of an existing software don’t appear in searched tools

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Hi @hisham_altayb

Few questions:

  1. What is the tool you are looking for?
  2. Where are you working? If a public Galaxy server, post back the URL. If your own Galaxy server, did you install the tool already?
  3. If you are instead searching for the tool in the ToolShed, it may not be wrapped for Galaxy yet, but we can help to double-check.

Let’s start there, thanks!

Thanks for response, i ma working in public galaxy both and, and searching fro tools already installed in galaxy servers

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Hello @hisham_altayb

Many tools require specific resources and the tools available at any public Galaxy server are expected to differ from others. The servers are not mirrored sites.

Review the tool panel categories at and and compare. You’ll notice that the tool group “ChemicalToolBox” (where both of your example tools are listed) is available at but not


Thanks for reply, yes I know the point of the different tools found in diffrent server, my question was about already installed tools, and known at both for example, if I want to search for Fastq in it will never appear.

Hi – could you clarify a bit more? Which tool are you looking for that is installed both places but not found with a tool search?

If you search with a very common “word” such as “fastq” – that will have many matches and at some point the resulting tools will be truncated. Meaning, the more specific the search term is, the more specific the search result will be.

Tool searches are a bit complicated to tune. But we make adjustments all the time. Each server does it a bit differently. Example discussions that include the various factors involved are below if you are curious. Also feel free to report a tool that you know exists both places but is not found with a search (the tool’s name, not a datatype – that will have too many hits). The developers will see it in the ticket.


I am looking for gromacs

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This tool suite is not installed at

It is installed at

The tools are wrapped in the ToolShed for installation into your own Galaxy. – Seach with keyword “gromacs” or “gmx”.

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