Missing tools in galaxy tool database

HI everyone, I wanted to use blast top hit description tool to visualize the megablast xml output but the tool is missing from the tools database, what should I do instead?
Moreover some other tools are missing.
Krakentools:Extract reads by ID
krakenbiom (to be used for phinch visualization)

Does this help?





I need to open these tools on galaxy platform, do you have links which directly take me to the the tool on the platform where I ca nupload the data

Hi @Salman

The first two links @gbbio shared are at the UseGalaxy.eu public server. Anyone can create an account there and use tools.

The next three links are for the tools in the ToolShed https://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/. Whoever is the administrator of a server can install those tools, then the users can run them. They would become listed in the tool panel, so a search would locate them.

Does that help?

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