Files database/objects taking up huge amounts of space

We run a local Galaxy instance (installed on a small Unix server without Ansible) and have found an enormous amount of data being stored in the files referenced to:


and it is taking up almost 1.5 TB of data. I am wondering if these objects are how Galaxy stores the data.
Is there a tutorial that describes what these files are and how to delete unused files?
My other question is, when I use

History menu > Export History to file

it creates an compressed archive of the history to download and then stores the archive in one of these object folders. How long does the archive stay there? Is it automatically deleted after a certain number of days or has to be manually cleared after the user has downloaded the archived history?


Hi @prao123

Running a server involves some cleanup tasks for data: both persistent data, and data related to jobs. That can include export jobs such as the history archive generation.

The Admin tutorials might help, especially this one: Server Maintenance: Cleanup, Backup, and Restoration

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