Galaxy on docker issues

Hi all,
I am trying to use Galaxy on docker, I started using this image:

But after noticing that for the analysis that I need to do only works for versions >21.05, and the image that I used is 20.09.
When I try to run the docker image locally and in a server, I get two things consistenly, the first one is that the IP to open Galaxy is instead of the that I used to get with the previous version, and the other thing is this “error”:
==> /galaxy/server/database/gravity/log/celery-beat.log <==
[2024-06-25 00:40:30,412: DEBUG/MainProcess] beat: Synchronizing schedule…
[2024-06-25 00:40:30,413: DEBUG/MainProcess] beat: Waking up in 5.00 minutes.

Those two lines repeat like 10 times, and then it follows like a restart of the process and then get stuck in the same loop.

Anyone here have been able to run Galaxy in docker? any suggestions on what I may search in the terminal to identify why this isn’t working? maybe a .yml configuration file that need a bit of tunning?

PD: I am a begginer user on both Galaxy and Docker, I doesn’t quite understand all the things involved, so I ask you to please use “for dummies” language :sweat_smile:

PD2: I’m using docker in WSL locally, but I have also tryed in a server with linux, in both systems I get the same issue

The docker works for me well (and its very useful as installing Galaxy and configure it from the source can be a pain in the *** :slight_smile: . Unfortunately as you mention is an old Galaxy version, hope the project is not abandoned and will get update, maybe @bjoern.gruening can share thoughts on the matter?

Oh sorry, I meant that the version that doesn’t work for me is the one from galaxy, I’m asuming that that’s the source. I am fixing that misunderstanding in the post!