Genom not found in SnpEff annotation

I create .vcf file and use reference by Galaxy hg38 (GRCh38.p2). I downloaded my file after SnpSift Annotate and trying use it for SnpEff annotation in cygwin64. I have error “GRCh38.p2 genom not found” because it’s not in .vcf but hg38 is there. When I write it in command line nothing happened… “database not installed”
Help please…

Hi @Sofi

This forum is focused on using tools within the Galaxy Platform. Hundreds of tools, including this one, are wrapped for Galaxy and available at many of the public services.

If you are new to Galaxy, start here.

When using the tool directly, or for general usage instructions, the author’s website is the go-to resource. Several of the general bioinformatics forums also have discussion – a web-search would find these.