Get flanks - error setting the metadata

I am going through the “From peaks to genes” tutorial and keep running into the same error after re-running the job and double checking that the input files are correct.

I am trying to add the promoter region to gene records (in the Analysis step of Part 1 Naive Approach) with the Get Flanks tool, but keep getting “An error occurred setting the metadata for this dataset”. The information in the attributes “/corral4/main/jobs/040/971/40971917/ line 123: galaxy-set-metadata: command not found”

Any help to bypass this would be much appreciated

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Update Resolved March 8, 2022

Details in the linked topic below.

Related recent Q&A: Error: galaxy-set-metadata: command not found

There is a technical problem with this set of Galaxy tools at It is being looked into.

Please try running the tutorial at or for now.

Apologies for the trouble!

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