Guidance on renaming datasets in workflows

Hi there

I’m trying to find documentation on how the “Rename dataset” action in Workflows works. Thus far Google and searching this forum seem to be the best sources. So from what I can tell:

You can use the variables listed as inputs to the tool by using #{variable} e.g. #{inputs} (ref: I am not sure if this is an input object, but reading the code it looks like it is drawing from the name (i.e. a string) of the input: galaxy/ at dev · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

You can only use one #{var} variable in the rename operation: ref: galaxy/ at dev · galaxyproject/galaxy · GitHub

You can use workflow parameters using ${parameter} syntax (ref: Workflow Variables Rename Outputfile). I don’t know where this is implemented and how it interacts with input-based variables (the #{var} type).

Is this a complete description?


It has been a bit since the last time I have touched that feature but I believe you can include multiple #{var}