how to allocate more memory and cpu or thread to galaxy tools in local installation?

I have a install galaxy but when i run tools, i don’t see it use multi- thread and more memory. How can I config to use more ram and thread ?

I have cloned galaxy from github

I have a computer with 64cpu and 150 gb ram.

I think most tools from the toolshed use the variable ${GALAXY_SLOTS:-1}. You can change this variable in the file galaxy/config/job_conf.xml. In this file you will see a line like <plugin id="local" type="runner" load="" workers="4"/> You could increase the workers. If you dont have the file job_conf.xml you could use job_conf.xml.sample_basic by doing cp job_conf.xml.sample_basic job_conf.xml. You need to restart galaxy after this change.

does increase of worker will increase the ram use?