How to host/run Galaxyserver-NGS in AWS IP or in a webserver IP

would be thankful if anyone can help me to address my issues. I was asked to deploy GalaxyServer in AWS (CetnOS) and I have installed and Galaxy is running locally successful. But, galaxy is running in http://localhost:8080 and I want galaxy to get hosted on AWS or server IP. Assume, IP as, so it will run like, and it should run on any system across internet with this IP.

I tried, looking into all config files changing files putting AWS IP, host = (IP), but while running, ./ galaxy is running same on localhost. It is not responding. Files where I have changed host IP are, galaxy.yml.sample , galaxy.ini .

O/p showing galaxy running in locahost

7faae4122c80>galaxy.queue_worker INFO 2020-04-16 17:08:25,782 [p:22786,w:1,m:0] [MainThread] Binding and starting galaxy control worker for main.web.1 galaxy.web_stack INFO 2020-04-16 17:08:25,792 [p:22786,w:1,m:0] [MainThread] Galaxy server instance ‘main.web.1’ is running

Starting server in PID 22786. serving on http://localhost:8080

galaxy.model.database_heartbeat DEBUG 2020-04-16 17:08:25,828 [p:22786,w:1,m:[database_heartbeart_main.web.1.thread] main.web.1 is config watcher

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In your setup you generally want to use proxy in between web traffic and Galaxy. So leave Galaxy running on localhost and set up e.g. NGINX that will listen on the network for requests and proxy the ones for Galaxy to the right port.

Files where I have changed host IP are, galaxy.yml.sample , galaxy.ini .

None of these are the right place to choose I believe. You should have galaxy.yml file in your configuration folder.

When you have that file set up you can check this section in the sample:

  # The address and port on which to listen.  By default, only listen to
  # localhost (galaxy will not be accessible over the network).  Use
  # ':8080' to listen on all available network interfaces.

So if you want to avoid the proxy for some development reasons you can do so by changing that value to :8080. I would only recommend this for throwaway Galaxies, that are not run in production.

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Hi, No I don’t want to use proxy and I haven’t said about it also. My concern is, I want to host galaxy in AWS (awsip:8080) and make it accessible everywhere that url. For Eg: , http://awsip:8080. Here, awsip = (aws instance ec2 ip). Please share how to proceed with the same.


Did you followed up on any of this?

Port is open? Http in the config is set to

I shared with you how to do that in the last two paragraphs of my post.