How to kill galaxy started processes?

Hello, I tried to install plastflow on galaxy local, instead of success instalation I see 6 processes running for several days allready, I try to restart galaxy and server, but it does not stop these processes. They use 25 GB of ram and do nothing. Kill kommand does not help.

How can I destroy these tasks? Maybe you can provide me info were galaxy store outo-run tasks after restart?

Thank you

Hi @KaunoSeptintasFortas

Just a guess – but what happens if you uninstall that tool from the admin panel in Galaxy?

Others can comment more about dealing with zombie processes, maybe @marten ?

It seems the creation of conda environment for plasflow got stuck. Hard to say why or where but it is likely safe to just kill the process directly.

What version of Galaxy are you running? Do you know what conda you are using?