How to make volcano plot

Now I’m trying to create volcano plot from the test data.
I’ve followed the galaxy training tutorial ( and successfully inputed the test data, but I can’t find out where the “Volcano Plot” bouton is in the Galaxy page.
Sorry for this easy question but it would be grateful if could help me.

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use Limma. it gives you volcano .

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Find the Volcano Plot tool at Galaxy EU

It is not installed at Galaxy Main But, I’ll review and see if we can get it added in (won’t be immediately, even if Ok’d).

Using Limma as @amir suggests is also an option for RNA-seq.

Please be aware that not all tools in all GTN tutorials will be hosted at the different Galaxy servers. Reference:

Update: Created a ticket to add this tool to the Main server: I can’t predict how long that will take (could be few weeks, maybe less). Follow the ticket for updates, it will close out once done.

Meanwhile, try the EU server.


Thank you both of you, amir and jennaj!
Because I’m new in Galaxy, I didn’t know there’s another Galaxy.
I’ll try it in Galaxy EU and thanks a lot for adding volcano plot to Galaxy Main.

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Super, glad that helped.

There are even more ways/places to use Galaxy :earth_asia::earth_americas::earth_africa::cloud::computer:

If interested, please see:

The general guideline is that you have one account per public Galaxy server. You’ll find different tools and analysis domain focuses across options, plus can customize your own when using a Cloud/Docker/Local version.