I am running Galaxy 22.05 and trying to incorporate JmolEditor. I am getting the following error while trying to import the struture to Galaxy

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/mpds-metd/galaxy19/galaxy/tools/data_source/jmoleditor/jmoleditor.py”, line 6, in
from galaxy import eggs #eggs needs to be imported so that galaxy.util can find docutils egg…
ImportError: cannot import name ‘eggs’ from ‘galaxy’ (/home/mpds-metd/galaxy19/galaxy/lib/galaxy/init.py)

Hi @NAGA270588

Do you mean that you are wrapping Jmol for Galaxy, then adding that to your server?

If true, this is a configuration problem with the wrapper. It is not accessing core dependencies in Galaxy itself.

Any “dependency” error could be due to many root reasons. Planemo is a very good resource for tool development, and will probably help with what to do to resolve this, so please give that a try first. It can also help with isolating technical questions with enough context that others can help. Please see Welcome to Planemo’s documentation! — Planemo 0.75.11 documentation

If anyone else has advice, feel free to post! I noticed that the underlying Jmol tool has an updated version named Jamberoo. That wouldn’t lead to this specific error but could add in other complications. Maybe some are known?