Troubleshooting tool development: making updates to a ToolShed

Hi @rolfverberg

I have the same issue. Have you find any solution ?

Hi @vindarbo – the prior question was about a couple of different problems. It is OK to start up a new topic, quote prior topics, ping other community people and explain what is going on. The more details you provide, the better others can help. I’ll move this over into a new topic this time.

What is minimally needed for this type of question:

  1. Are you using Planemo in a development environment to create the wrapper and for unit testing? If not, try that first.
  2. Galaxy version
  3. Galaxy source
  4. ToolShed target (URL please)
  5. Logs or other details that help to isolate exactly what is going wrong.


Thank you for your help.

I’m using planemo (version 0.75.7) in a local environment. With the classic " planemo shed_update -shed-target toolshed" command line. How to know Galaxy version/source ?

Here is the toolshed url of the tool with the latest version 4.0.1, Galaxy | Tool Shed and the github repository targeted GitHub - geraldinepascal/FROGS-wrappers: Galaxy wrappers for FROGS

I don’t have any logs except the message " This request could not be completed since it exceeds the server’s configured size limit. For help, please contact an administrator. "


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Your TS repository is larger with many tools all together. I’m wondering if that is the root problem.

Let ask the tool development working group for input. They may reply here or at the chat, and feel free to join. The IUC would be another contact point for technical issues related to tools in general. You're invited to talk on Matrix

You’ve got a test data folder with 226MB of data, we can’t host such large test data on the tool shed.
The absolute upper-limit you can upload to the server is 64MB, but I think there’s also an internal check that should limit this further.

The test data should be as small as possible, in the IUC we don’t accept any single file above 1MB in size.

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