Testing toolshed not working for installing tools from it: TTS Status updated to Back Up!


Some days ago I realised that the testing toolshed was down. Yesterday it worked again, but it still fails when trying to install any tool from it into a Galaxy instance. Do anyone knows about this error?


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Hi @CarlosHorro

The Test ToolShed (TTS) has been undergoing some changes in the last few days. It appears to be up now. Maybe try again?

(( I’m assuming that you already know to use the Main ToolShed (MTS) instead for “production-ready” tools (where most people should source most tools). ))

The current status for these and other core usegalaxy.* servers, plus associated key resources, can always be found here: https://galaxyproject.statuspage.io/

Longer or planned events will usually have some kind of notation added. But you can always ask for more details at this forum – or for even quicker Q&A suitable for a chat, reach us at Gitter https://gitter.im/galaxyproject/Lobby.

We can try to clarify at either.


Hi @jennaj , thank you for your response and the info!
Yes, I’ve checked it this morning and the TTS is again able to install tools :slight_smile:
I know the MTS, but I need the TTS for developing purposes until we have a final release of some applications (SearchGUI and PeptideShaker) and so their Conda packages.