Importing Multiple Workflows from published list to my workflow list

I can import a single workflow, but I need to import multiple workflows from shared workflow list to my workflow list.

NB: I know how to import single workflow.

Hi @khairul0026, that is not supported in the graphical interface. What is your use-case?

If you really need to import a very large number, so that it isn’t convenient to click multiple times, and you know Python, you can use BioBlend:

for workflow_id in workflow_ids:

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Hi, is it possible to import in my local machine? I installed galaxy in my computer, now I want to import the published workflows of galaxy server

Hi @khairul0026

There are a few options to import a Workflow. The functions with descriptions are included on the import form:


  1. Where the form is located: Workflow > Import

  1. Options:

    a) Publically accessible URL
    b) Downloaded Workflow file
    c) Tool Registry
    d) MyExperiment


I know how to import a single workflow the way you mentioned. I am searching for a way to import all published workflows in galaxy (Galaxy) to my local installed galaxy.

That same process applies to your local server if you also install BioBlend

There isn’t a built-in way to get all or some in batch using the GUI interface (admin or not).