Workflow dict keys

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Apologies if this is a naive question. Is there a document somewhere that gives the keys for a workflow dict?

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What do you mean by workflow dict?
Are you referring to a collection? or the dict you submit to the api to invoke a workflow?

When you save out a .ga workflow, it is a JSON document. Is there a definition of the keys for the document? Ideally I’d like a JSON schema, but just a list of “a_galaxy_workflow”, “annotation” … “version” would be great.

I actually have an issue open about this:

You can piece some of the picture together looking at relevant sections of the bioblend documentation.

Another source is running a downloaded workflow through this command jq -S < [input file path] > [output file path]

Another place to get information is to open the browser inspect window to the network page, invoke a workflow, and then look for the network request and copy the payload. Run that payload through the above command.

Otherwise you are left to parsing through the Galaxy source code.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I had been looking at the bioblend documentation etc. as you suggest, but hoped that there was a better way to get the information.

I might try using tools that generate schemas from examples and run them with example Galaxy workflows.

That would be great! Can you share your results?