Share a workflow with all users or a group, role...

Hello, im currently working with bioblend and I’ve set up a Galaxy Instance with some workflows. I want all users of my instance to access a specific workflow, it is possible and easy to do with bioblend ?

I have this error because only the admin (me) can access the workflow :

It only want me to share with users one by one…
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As an admin, I want any of my users to access this workflow without doing any action, like importing the workflow…

any idea ?

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Hi @Hudson_5

Any user of your server (admin or not) should be able to “publish” a workflow.

The function is included on the Share or Publish form. All published workflows are listed under the top menu “Shared Data > Workflows”. Others working at the same server can then can either run the workflow directly from that view, or import their own copy then run. There isn’t a way to restrict editing permissions for imported workflows are far as I know, or at least not yet. However, results will be associated with the original workflow (version, etc) actually used. If run from the shared view, the original will be used and associated.

Consider adding tags and comments to important workflows to help keep them organized.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, got it working this way.

Solution :