access to workflows shared by others

Hi, I have a problem to access previous workflows shared by others. I had that access but not now. I clicked on all workflows link that is supposed to show both my workflows and shared ones by others. However, only my workflow appeared. Does anyone advise me how to find it. Thanks.

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Hi @chunchen1

Ask the people who originally shared the workflows with you to reshare them.

Maybe they unshared them for some reason. There could be a new version or updated version (guess). The workflow author will know.


@jennaj I meant to look into the public shared workflows and find a genomic mapping workflow that I could start with. However, the shared workflows are no longer accessible in my account. Are they temporarily off?

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The workflow was published? Here? And is now not there?

Do you remember the URL or workflow name? The URL would be better, not sure if I could find it with just the name without more complicated digging, and then even if found, could not “re-publish” it. Workflows are owned by specific user accounts and they have control over the share/publish (or not) status.

Next time you find a workflow that you like that is published, try importing it to your account and then run it, instead of running it directly from the published list. That way you have your own copy and know that it didn’t change from run-to-run.

Note: Workflows do not consume account quota space, whether created by you or imported from someone else who shared/published it.

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