input/output error from BAM to Wiggle. But same files works well in Galaxy Europe!

I want to convert my BAM files to Wiggle files. It’s my first time to do anything with the NGS data and I know almost nothing :sob:
I managed to get to Galaxy Europe and made the first .wig file.
And then I found that there’s just ‘Galaxy’ and everything (uploading and all the processes) is much faster here.
The problem is it keeps making error like this:

Skip multi-hits:False
Run wigToBigWig outfile.wig /corral4/main/objects/e/d/e/dataset_edef0b44-fbf8-43f1-b920-faf8498a4523.dat
Processing chrIV …
/bin/sh: /galaxy/main/linux-x86_64/bin/wigToBigWig: Input/output error

I’m using same file in both Galaxy Europe and Galaxy. I don’t know why this error is happening… Can someone help me?
I need to convert much bigger files from now on and Galaxy Europe is too slow for me.

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