is galaxy Australia down?

My PC keeps saying there is an error with opening galaxy? is it a wifi issue or the servers ?



Galaxy AU at is down. I’m not sure of the reason or expected duration. @Slugger70 would you like to comment?

Galaxy EU at is down for scheduled maintenance. It is expected to resolve soon (perhaps later today). @hxr may be able to provide more details.

Galaxy Main at is up.


Thanks for the ping @jennaj!

Yes, was down for some time today. Our datacenter had a scheduled power outage, followed by a network maintenance period. Some unexpected network issues caused the maintenance period to be extended into the evening. The Freiburg Cloud (where .eu is hosted) is now back and .eu in general should be back.

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Hi Jenna, It looks as though part of our disk is experiencing issues… I’m trying to figure out what they could be.

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