Issue in failure resuming paused jobs, in Computematrix.

I have been experienced many times unexpected paues when I ran computematrix in the last 12hrs. And as the previous topic indicated this situation is accompanied with disrupted input files after paused. I am pretty sure about my input file format, and also I was suspected of running too heavy job so I applied default value to run in the rest of the tries.But it is still not works and falls into the permanent and unresumable situation.

I have read all this issue-related topics, is it possible that the server is not in good shape?
I have checked the Galaxy-server status on the website, but it showed green status.
It really makes me confused … Is there anything I do wrong?

Job API ID: bbd44e69cb8906b50d1bcca388ad522a
Job API ID: bbd44e69cb8906b58bc50ff74f39122a
Job API ID: bbd44e69cb8906b5c2953ccc22456ba4

Thanks for your reading.

Have you tried other Galaxy instances?

I had tried to upload my data, also get an unexpected error.

Can you show us the actual error message, please?

In the massage: input “file” is in an error state.
But the job did not change to the red states, but just the paused status.

You can paste the entire error message text here, it’s easier to check it.

I am sorry for the delayed response.
For the Compute matrix part, I think it could be due to the inappropriate format.
I used the output of bdgpeakcall to load on computematrix.
The error message showed:
“Unrecognized line 1 of stdin:
1 3001858 3002088 /galaxy-repl/main/files/054/732/dataset_54732119.dat_narrowPeak1 20 . 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 115”
I thought maybe bedgraph is an inappropriate format for Computematrix when it read it as bigwig.
Or any suggestion? I am not sure what I think is right or wrong.

And about responding to uploading failure, I would switch to the newest issue raise from Macmade.
Thank you so much for your helping!