localhost connection issue


After successfully using localhost:8080 for my local galaxy install for several months I am now receiving a localhost refused to connect error. Nothing that I am aware of has changed in my environment, so I cleared my cache and even tried to connect with firefox’s browser, but localhost’s message is that it cannot receive any data. I am using tunneling to define forward port to localhost.

Troubleshooting questions:
Is there any other way I can connect to Galaxy other than localhost when I have a local installation? Does anyone have any other troubleshooting ideas?

Not sure what this exactly means.

But what you could do:

  1. Stop galaxy
  2. run the command sudo lsof -i tcp:8080
  3. Kill the PID’s of galaxy sudo kill 23001 (The PID of yourself, 23001 is an example)
  4. start galaxy again
  5. test if it solved your problem