Merge 2 paired end collections


I have 2 paired collections and I want to merge them. I would be grateful for a way to do this. I could not create a combined collection because the filename patterns for pairing were different.

The way to unzip , merge and then zip is seems too cumbersome.


Hi @microfuge

Those are mostly about changing the “shape” of the data structure. They do a few things: 1) makes data available to a range of tools originally written by different authors and 2) doesn’t duplicate any actual data that doesn’t need to be since everything is referential to “files” that already exist (so, are just different labeling names rather than an actual new copy). Both are really important.

For just merging together collections of the same shape, try using → Merge collections

If you want to keep track of sample labels, you can use → Apply Rules (to an already loaded collection)

Hope this helps or that you already found it :slight_smile: