Rearranging dataset collections

This seems like a bug, it could be due to me having a large number of datasets in a collection.
I have a collection that is a list of 128 files that have been processed with CutAdapt.
If I go to operations on multiple datasets>select the collection>unhide datasets, nothing happens.
I can go to history options>unhide hidden datasets, which unhides all datasets in the history without a problem, but this is annoying if I only want to unhide the datasets in one collection.
Plus, when I do this action the datasets no longer have their original file names and are instead reported as “cutadapt on collection…” etc.
This is annoying if I want to make a paired list of the datasets based on file names.
Is there some workaround? Am I doing the process incorrectly?

Hi @LBrock

If you ran Cutadapt with an input of type paired collection (not nested), then the output passing QA filters will already be in a paired collection (nested).

Even if your data is not already paired (just two list collections with matching identifiers), you don’t need to extract datasets from a collection in order to create a new or rearranged collection.

For this use case, two lists > one paired list, try: Zip collections

Examples of both are in this shared history: Galaxy | Accessible History | test zip /unzip collections from cutadapt

If the collections don’t already have matching identifiers, you can relabel those. Extract the identifiers first as needed (or create your own mapping file), then relabel.

Collection tutorials: Search Tutorials

Hope that helps!