Mothur latest version

Hi, may I know if the latest version of Mothur (mothur.v.1.44.0) or earlier is available in the Galaxy version 21.01?
As of now, I am using mothur version last updated in March 2017 (mothur.v.1.39.5). Therefore, I would like to know if there is later version available in Galaxy?

Thank you.

Hi @suetli19,
there is a PR opened for updating Mothur. I will work on it in order to make the latest version available soon.


Thanks! May I know how long will this take for the updated version of Mothur to appear in Galaxy?

Not sure, because this tool seems quite complex. Do you need any specific new functionality provided by the new version?

Not exactly. But I thought that the newer the version, the better the data analysis outcome. Are there any major changes in the later versions and will it affect the results?