Need help contig assembly

I am new to bioinformatics and aim to get to show variety of 600 bp amplicon of an organism genome. I used two sets of primers each amplifying 415 bp of the 600 bp resulting in around ~200 bp overlapping region.
I pooled the amplicon of these two sets to become one sample and sent for sequencing.
Now I have a “R1” fastq.gz file and a “R2” fastq.gz file.

I plan my analysis to be

  1. Merge PE reads of amplicon from each primer set
  2. Assemble contig from the two merged amplicons
    3.Show variety of sequence feature of contigs.

I tried around several things but not successfully got the result. Can I ask for the guidance?

Thank you so much

Hi, what exactly have you tried/failed? Are you following any tutorial? What is the sequencing platform/organism/data quality?