Not able to log in

I am trying to login and get data using ‘’.

However, I was not able to login and get message as ‘Uncaught exception in exposed API method:’


You created at least four accounts yesterday at Those email addresses cannot be used for a new account at because you already created accounts using those in the past at (plus many others).

There is a quota of one account per person per public Galaxy server. Everyone can have one account at each server – but no more than one account at any. These are free public shared services. When someone uses multiple accounts they are competing for resources not only against themselves, but creating an unfair resource competition environment for everyone else working at the same public server.

Anyone using multiple accounts to subvert the public quotas has their accounts administratively removed. There is not a special notification when administrative action is applied. Instead, the reminders about terms of service are directly on the account registration form and included directly in account activation emails exactly where the link to confirm the account is located. We want everyone to understand and not have problems.


  1. If you have one single active account at, keep using that one.
  2. If you have two or more active accounts at, please manage your data into one account and delete the others under User > Preferences.
  3. Creating a single new account with a different email address is OK if you do not have any active account(s) at


Our goals are to help you successfully use public Galaxy servers and avoid future multiple account problems.

If you need to use Galaxy differently, please review

Thank you for understanding, and for helping us to keep a free and fair public shared resource for researchers worldwide.

Galaxy Team