Unable to login, getting Err:500 code, and "Uncaught exception in exposed API method:" as response

The odd thing is, that is appears to affect specifically only this account.
This is an account shared by many members of a single lab.

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Hi @mtekman

That message can come up if an account was deleted, then recreated.

Directly sharing an account (instead of sharing data) can result in administrative account deletion, or maybe someone accidentally deleted the account (one reason why not to share accounts that contain important data). Please see this prior topic for full details about that Cannot click or change history - bug? - #2 by jennaj

For account help at UseGalaxy.eu, you should write into the administrators of the server. Why? For privacy reasons. Find the contact for this server at the very bottom of the server homepage, or use contact@usegalaxy.eu. Write in from the email address associated with the account and explain what is going on.


For others reading, how to find the contact information for any public Galaxy server ā†’

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jennaj iā€™m in contact with them now



Sorry for the inconvenience @mtekman and thanks for letting us know!

The issue related to our server upgrade from the weekend is resolved now.