Account problem

When I try to switch my history nothing happens. When I try to open the history options, the menu ‘flashes’ for a fraction of a second and disappears instantly. Sometimes the menu appears and I can view all histories side by side, but I can’t change the current history or add another history to the ‘side by side’ view!
I’ve logged out and tried with another account but no change! Still can’t switch histories!

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Welcome, @bethcha

The last part of your post contains what is likely the problem:

Galaxy is not designed to support the concurrent usage of more than one account at a specific server. Accounts at different servers will work great, and is encouraged since each Public Galaxy Server hosts distinct resources :rocket:

The account registration form at any public server will post a warning about problems that may result from the use of multiple accounts. This can of course include core functionality issues, and sometimes even administrative issues!

Quote from the Help → Terms and Conditions notice at the server. This is also linked in several places throughout the registration process.

Accounts and Service Limitations

You may choose to register an account with the Service. Your registration data is primarily used so you may persistently store data on the Service and use advanced Galaxy features such as sharing and workflows. The operators of the Service will not provide your registration data to any third party, unless required to do so by law. Your access to the Service is provided under the condition that you abide by any published quotas on data storage, job submissions, or any other limitations placed on the public Service. Attempts to subvert these limits by creating multiple accounts or through any other method may result in termination of all associated accounts.

Servers may post a warning on the registration form in an abbreviated format for clarity. How that is worded can vary but all are about the same. Note: some may have other server-specific notices about data retention policies, public computational resource allocations, and other practical details. All assume the use of a single account as part of the core functionality design.

Supplemental text in plain language directly on the account registration form at and happen to be:

Please register only one account - we provide this service free of charge and have limited computational resources. Multi-accounts are tracked and will be subjected to account termination and data deletion.

Similar message at

Please register only one account. The service is provided free of charge and has limited computational and data storage resources. Registration and usage of multiple accounts is tracked and such accounts are subject to termination and data deletion.

Each account activation email that you received during each registration also includes a warning. This is the email with the link, and the content is usually:

By clicking on the above link and opening a Galaxy account you are also confirming that you have read and agreed to Galaxy’s Terms and Conditions for use of this service. This includes a data storage limit per user account. Attempts to subvert this limit by creating multiple accounts or through any other method may result in termination of all associated accounts and data.

Even more details are at the GTN to clarify how this works → FAQ: Can I create multiple Galaxy accounts?

The account registration form and activation email include a terms of service statement.

  • You ARE NOT allowed to create more than 1 account per Galaxy server.
  • You ARE allowed to have accounts on different servers.

For example, you are allowed to have 1 account on Galaxy US, and another account on Galaxy EU, but never 2 accounts on the same Galaxy.

WARNING: Having multiple accounts is a violation of the terms of service, and may result in deletion of your accounts.

What to do now

  1. Consolidate your data into one account at the server
  2. Which account you decide to use going forward is your choice
  3. Delete your excess accounts under User → Preferences → Delete account

If you need help with this, we can help! This forum is public, so you’ll need to write into the administrative contact for the server you are working at and explain what is going on. They will need the email address of each account involved (but not the passwords, and not the usernames). Clearly clarify which account you want to keep, and which accounts can be removed. This will remedy your current problems, and prevent future problems.

I’m sorry to hear that this was missed and you’re having trouble. Since you are not able to even access histories correctly, you’ll probably also have trouble consolidating your data! I would suggest that you write into the server administrators for help.

If you cannot find your account registration email to locate the contact email address, the server also posts the email address at the very bottom of the server homepage →

Should you be also working at a different public server, and have multiple accounts there too, and cannot find the contact, please post back the server URL and we will try to help to find it.

Thanks, and please ask if you have other questions. Please remember to not post any private information like your account details to this public forum: use a contact email instead.

Let’s start there! :slight_smile: