Inoperative Account on EU Server

Hi everyone,
I wanted to report that for the past week my account has been pretty much unresponsive to any job and workflow run and even history exports etc, so that I can at least temporarily continue my research on another account. It also seems to recognize my whole history as multiple duplicates of the same 3-4 datasets, which is not the case. Is anyone facing a similar problem as of lately?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @c.yannakis
I run jobs on Galaxy Europe periodically and does not experience any unusual unresponsiveness or duplicated datasets.
Consider using Chrome or FireFox. Access the server via another device. Refresh the page content by clicking at Galaxy Europe icon in the top left corner. Keep minimal number of tubs open in the browser. Do you have stable and fast connections to other sites?
You can clear browser cache, as the last option, but you may loose active logins etc.
Hope that helps.
Kind regards,