Invocation Scheduling Failed

Why is this happening??? :frowning:

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Hi @Wendi_B

If you are working at (not – how this post was originally tagged).

Please see: scheduled maintenance downtime October 13, 2020 – status and updates

If actually working at, please let us know and we can follow up from there.

It was, sadly

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@Wendi_B That Ok, we can recruit help from that server’s administrators here.

ping @wm75 @bjoern.gruening could you help, please?

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you try it again. Sometimes server issues are transient. The public Galaxy servers are all very large – some small fraction of “actions” will occasionally fail. A rerun is almost always the best first-pass troubleshooting strategy.

Failed jobs at are automatically rerun once by default for that very reason.

However, this workflow functionality is a bit newer. So what is going wrong could be technical (Galaxy issue, server issue) or it could be related to the inputs or workflow itself. This is worth rerunning (you first) and looking into if reproducible (admins).

Ahh yes, this morning it is playing ball! Thank you!