paired dataset download fails

Hi all, I have created paired dataset for my samples. Trying to download, but it keeps failing. Is it because of the size of the dataset? How can I work around this?

Hello @chi1989

If the datasets are inside a collection, downloading that collection directly is currently problematic at

A workaround using the “history archive” method is in this Galaxy Help topic: Problems in downloading collections using both browser and curl - #4 by jennaj

But if it really is just a single paired collection (two datasets), you could also go into the hidden datasets tab for the history, and download the two datasets from there.

Hope one of those work out for you!

Hi, I uploaded the reference files from one of the tutorials : Analyses of metagenomics data - The global picture (the files that are mentioned in classify.seq). When reading these files failed, I used files directly downloaded from mothur (v18) and I have been getting the same error.

Hi @chi1989

Maybe I misunderstood what you are doing? Please explain a bit more.

  1. Are you attempting to download datasets from your Galaxy history?
  2. Or, are you attempting to upload datasets into your Galaxy history?

I have uploaded the dataset to my history, no issues there. But the error message pops up while using the files to run command.
The files I downloaded are:

I have both these files in my history, I am trying to run classify.seq using these files, and I get error

Thanks, that helps.

The stderr/stdout from these tools will usually state the exact problem. Backing up and reviewing upstream job is usually the way to correct problems. The data are complicated and easy to mix up.

Another way to troubleshoot (any tutorial) is to run the workflow associated with that tutorial. That output could be used to find prior mixups when running through the process manually.

How to troubleshoot error messages: Troubleshooting errors

What is that error message?


To learn which Galaxy servers are appropriate per tutorial, see the pull-down menu in the top information box labeled “Available on these Galaxies”.

The two tutorials involved are not support at for now. If that changes, the menu will automatically update.

Please retry at a Galaxy server that supports the tools/data included in the tutorial.