Unable to Upload a set of mzxml datasets into a Collection list

I’m unable to convert a collection of mzxml files uploaded from my machine into a list:

Without this, I can’t use readMSData().


Would you please confirm that you are working at Galaxy Main https://usegalaxy.org?

If some other public Galaxy server, share the URL.

If your own Galaxy, explain where/how it was sourced (URL) and how you started it up. Cloud, local, etc.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I’m using https://usegalaxy.eu.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’m going to ping some of the administrators at that server so they can help more from here. A few things could be going wrong, and ruling out a server issue (known or new) would be one of the first things to double-check.

@hxr @bjoern.gruening

Hi Jennifer,

Just following up on this ticket?

I’ve just tried again today, in case there was a server-error that may have been resolved, to no avail, encountering a similar error.



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We’ll need the administrators of the usegalaxy.eu server to help with this. Ping again @hxr @bjoern.gruening

Since they haven’t had time to reply here yet, you could also try sending in a bug report from the failed upload job – IF an error dataset shows up in the history – that part wasn’t clear.

If no error dataset (red in color), send a direct email to their support mailing list. Explain more about how the failure shows up in the interface, include a link to this Galaxy Help post, and include a share link to the history. The contact options are at the very bottom of that server’s home page. There is also a Gitter chat room where you could make contact, share link to this post, and ask for help.

The mailing list is private and the Gitter chat is public – so decide what you are comfortable sharing based on that. If you choose Gitter, they’ll direct you about how to share anything you want private (such a shared history link or account email address) as needed.