GIO not uploading any files


When I upload any mzml or fasta files into GIO through get data, the job says “this job is waiting to run” for days and never turns green. I uploaded the files successfully to and they are green and ready to be used. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!

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Welcome @lsb716

We’ll need some help from the server administrators to figure out what is going wrong. They are in Germany, so, the end of the day there right now. Give them a day or so to reply.

Misunderstood based on the assigned server tag – this is the server you are actually working at:

Contact information is usually at one of those two places for public Galaxy servers, but this one doesn’t have a clear one. So, instead go the server’s home page itself and contact the lab that runs the project, they can help route you to their administrator to get the issue reported/fixed.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

@lsb716 do you have an example file for me?

@jennaj@hxr is not in Frieburg anymore and takes an extended vacation. So I guess please ping me. Thanks.

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Thanks @bjoern.gruening will just ping you.

Turns out this was not at EU after all. I’ll fix the tag.


I found the contact. It is included in the account activation email they send out when first creating an account. I’ll send it to you in a direct message. My guess is they choose to not post that publically for a reason and instead encourage users to review their many help resources. But that won’t help for your case.

BTW - I was able to use the Upload tool to load a small test fastqsanger.gz dataset at this server. So that seems to be working. When you write them, be sure to include whatever other Get Data tool you are using. And if Upload itself, mention that for clarity. They are running an older version of a Galaxy release but not sure if that is why there are problems or not.