Parallel use of ustacks

Hi everyone!

Does somebody know how to parallelize samples in ustacks? I have many samples of big size, and it’s taking a lot of time if I do it in serie instead. I know I can just do one sample at a time on ustacks, but I then don’t know how to fuse the numerous outcomes to one file for use as input for cstacks.

Any ideas? @yvanlebras maybe? :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Joelle.

Not sure I fully understand but you can select all your files in the input file “box” named “reads”. I just tested on eu ustacks v2.4+galaxy1 and wok properly. Don t hesitate to say if error.

Hi, and thank you for your answer!

By doing so, I think the tool will execute itself on one sample at at time then, no? My goal is to be able to, say, start 10 samples at the same time in order to have the results faster. So I thought about doing it manually, but then in the end I have 10 separates output files that I do not know how to use for the next step (cstacks). I thought about fusing them but I was unsure if it was possible.

Maybe is it clearer?

Thank you again :slight_smile: