Problem with Humann2 running in Galaxy 1.9

Hi Community,

I have installed all the tools and dependencies needed to run Humann2 in my local Galaxy.

But unfortunatly, i have received one error as follow upon execution.

**"Conda dependency seemingly installed but failed to build job environment."**

Kindly help me tor resolve this problem.

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Is there any one to respond for the above said issue.?

Hi – I’ve asked for some help from the developers. I’ve seen this before, and sometimes a rerun will work at the public servers and sometimes not. Have asked for more feedback about what the solution would be when running a local Galaxy:

They may reply here or at the Gitter chat. Please feel free to jump in there for more interactive feedback. Just keep in mind that communications are asynchronous, as the developers are from all over the world in different time zones. You may hit a time when they are around, and might need to wait a day or so, depending on where you are :world_map:

Sharing the version of Galaxy you are running and any special configuration will probably help.

Update from Gitter chat: A bugfix has been made for the conda job directory problem and will be included in the upcoming 19.05 release.

Details about change:

Thanks to @vmevada102 for reporting the problem!