Problem with Taxonomy Database -- Use the Kraken Data Manager to install indexes

Dear galaxy community

I am trying to run the Kraken for metagenomics data. it works very nicely.

Unfortunately at the last stage of the kraken. kraken to galaxy taxonomy, the reference database was not found.

As per the previous solutions listed in the Community, I had installed the gb_taxonomy tool. But still could not setup the databsse for taxonomy conversion to view in Kraken results in Krona.

Please suggest how to solve the datbase solution.

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Waiting for reply community. Need some suggesstions

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Hi @vmevada102!

Have you installed the Kraken Data Manager and run it to create the indexes used by the tool? Iā€™m not sure if this DM requires a restart or not, so if after install the indexes still cannot be found, try doing that.

The Galaxy ToolShed has two versions. Use the one that matches the version/author of the other tools already installed.


Cross-linked Q&A:

This tools were downloading the Database for the kraken2/kraken tool.

It is not downloading the taxonomy database for the Convert Kraken tool.

How to download the taxonomy database to work with Kraken2tax

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Please see the linked thread for the latest reply