Problems with disk space


I am running out of space in my galaxy account and have already deleted a lot of the files. There are only 12 bam files left (2-3 GB), but galaxy still says " You are using 267.1 GB of disk space". Even after purging the permanently deleted files I am not seeing a reduction in the percentage of space.
I also logged in again, but my disk space is still full.

Hope that somebody can help me! Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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This probably means you have some deleted histories that were not purged - so they still consume space. In the ‘saved histories’ list click on advanced -> deleted. Do you see any there?

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Hi Marten,

thanks for your reply. It seems that I just had to wait for one hour until I saw the reduction in the percentage of disk space after refreshing my history.

Best wishes,