Retrieving locally installed galaxy after OS crash

I had maintained a galaxy server locally in ubuntu system.Suddenly OS crashed and I had to reinstall without formating the drive.After that when I executed script it halted with an error

Command failed with exit code 134.
make: *** [client] Error 134
ERROR: Galaxy client build failed
Is there any way to retireive the galaxy server without reinstalling from the beginning.

You are probably missing packages or something. You sure python (the right version) is installed?
I also think the error should be longer, can you confirm that this is the full error or that there are still some lines above this? I am not sure if I would be able to help you, but I think that the experts need more info.

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Thank you for the reply

python version is 3.5.9


The Galaxy client has not yet been built and will be built now.
cd client && yarn install --check-files
yarn install v1.22.4
[1/4] Resolving packages…
success Already up-to-date.
Done in 2.09s.
cd client && yarn run build
yarn run v1.22.4
$ NODE_ENV=development gulp stage-libs && concurrently “yarn run
style” “yarn run webpack” “yarn run gulp clean && yarn run gulp” &&
yarn run save-build-hash
gulp[1783]: …/src/ void
v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value&): Assertion `args[1]->IsString()’
1: 0xa3ac30 node::Abort() [gulp]
2: 0xa3acae [gulp]
3: 0xa2ce13 node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value
const&) [gulp]
4: 0xc1aba5 [gulp]
5: 0xc1b1af [gulp]
6: 0xc1b7d6 v8::internal::Builtin_HandleApiCall(int, unsigned long*,
v8::internal::Isolate*) [gulp]
7: 0x13f5159 [gulp]
Aborted (core dumped)
error Command failed with exit code 134.
info Visit for documentation about
this command.
make: *** [client] Error 134
ERROR: Galaxy client build failed. See ./client/ for more
information, including how to get help.

maybe this helps: