Error launching Galaxy


Galaxy was not running for me from 3 weeks , I tryed several times to upgrade it but that did not worked

I 've removed everything then tryed to install it again

I always get this error message:

./scripts/ line 277: 45631 Aborted yarn install --network-timeout 300000 --check-files
ERROR: Galaxy client dependency installation failed. See ./client/ for more information, including how to get help.

I’ve tryed installing in /usr/local or in virtualvenv and finally in conda env , always getting that error message

someone can help me please ??

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Which version of galaxy are you using and what source are you downloading from?

From Official wwebsite … I used the command line given from the documentaion

Can you provide the url? What tool are you using to download it?


Using the command line ```
$ git clone -b release_20.05

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If you are still having problems, try following these instructions: Example step-by-step for a basic local Galaxy install with an admin account created

Get the latest release of course :slight_smile:

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