RStudio Active Tools - Seurat not installable

Dear Community,

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am trying to use RStudio instance via; however, I can never install Seurat (some other packages are fine). Seurat has a dependency package png which I believe causes this problem as it also cannot be installed. Error message: /bin/bash: libpng-config: command not found

Maybe someone from the Galaxy Team can address it?

Thank you!


From Gitter:

Dec 24 08:37
I want to do WGCNA in Rstudio in but could not install the dependency ‘png’. Can anyone help me?
Björn Grüning
Dec 24 09:50
@adeellqp could you try again?
But I doubt this will work, we would need to add libpng to the image
Could you use Jupyter Notebook for the time being? This also has an R kernel.
Dec 24 20:21

@adeellqp could you try again?

I have tried many times it says that libpng is not available.
I will try to use Jupyter Notebook.

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Thank you! :smiley: