SnpEff eff: annotate variants is producing errors

Please I am getting error using SnpEff since yesterday, I had results a day before using the same settings and data type. Please I want to know if there is something wrong somewhere thank you.


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Hi @Gavers_Oppong

The server was addressing maintenance the last few days.

Reruns have worked to resolve odd behavior for other people. That might involve backing up and examining/rerunning tools run upstream from this tool (and those outputs). Please also give that a try.

If you are still having problems after that, send in a bug report and consider asking if the problem might be still related to any lingering maintenance issue at the EU chat You can post a link to this topic for reference in a chat or in a bug report.

The EU moderators will be back next Monday their time (and maybe sooner!) but let’s start there. If you want to post a shared history link with your final rerun errors, that will speed things up if there is maybe a new data problem. Troubleshooting errors

@jennaj Many thanks for your feedback