Storage full despite purging all deleted files!!

Hi all,
I deleted the unnecessary files and histories, purged them as well but it still shows that I used 250 GB storage, which is not accurate. I trimmed my files but could not align due to this problem. Please help!!!
Thank you

Hi @meisner

Look under User → Histories. Open the advanced search and set “status = all”. The size of each history is the amount each is using.

If any of the histories are only deleted, they need to be permanently deleted (purged) to free up quota space. To find all stray deleted datasets across histories, or entire deleted histories, go to User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard and use the functions.

After purging, go back to the top level page for the Storage Dashboard and click on the “refresh” button to recalculate the usage. You could also log out then back in again to refresh.

I deleted and purged a bunch more. Now the total GB of my two stories should be 108 GB but it still says I am 93% full. There is gotta be a bug here!

I just administratively recalculated quota for your account at, and the usage didn’t change: Usage is unchanged at 115.2 GB. and Using 46%.

That seems very close to what you think it should be. Glad you worked this out!

Yes, I don`t know how it got fixed but the problem is solved now. Thanks jennaj!

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