tsv,csv file uploading problem

Hello! I use Galax/workflow4metobolomics to do lipid annotation from Lipidmaps. When I upload .tsv or .csv file, as usual, it will be recognized as txt and unavailable…
Could someone please help me spot what is wrong?
Thank you.

I do not know what exactly goes wrong, but you can change the filetype after uploading by clicking the pencil icon of the corresponding file in your history. After clicking the pencil icon a new window will open this windows contains a few tabs, in the datatype tab you can change it.

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Thank you very much gbbio. Really helpful!

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@Tiantian_Wang: More details for what @gbbio is explaining can be found in the FAQs here: https://galaxyproject.org/support/

Galaxy makes an attempt to autodetect datatypes but that can sometimes be a challenge. If a file has a format or content problem that makes it “out of specification” for an expected datatype assignment, you might need to make some adjustments (remove extra headers, etc) for the dataset to be successfully used with tools to produce usable analysis results.

The metadata “datatype” assignment is an interpreted attribute – and some tools are more forgiving than others when the data itself deviates from strict formatting expectations. And it is certainly possible to directly label data with a mismatched datatype.

Analysis jobs with actual problematic inputs would fail/error or produce odd results, even when running the underlying tool command-line (not just in Galaxy). The FAQs above plus information on tool forms themselves can help to resolve issues like those.

I added a few tags to your post to show the range of format issues discussed in prior Q&A. This is a good one – although it seems unlikely that you would have the exact same format problem – it may help anyway: Galaxy cannot recognize csv files


Hi jennaj,
Thanks a lot for your help.

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Would you please let me know how did you upload .tsv files into GALAXY. I have received the .tsv files from other organization and I am trying to find a way to upload this files into GALAXY. Please let me know. thank you.

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I just upload .tsv file from the image icon. After uploading, you can change the filetype as you want by clicking the pencil iconimage of the corresponding file in your history.
Hope it helps

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I want to add that if you know beforehand that the file type will not be easily detected you can also set it in de upload window. Under the column “type” you can change-auto detect to tsv.

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