TXSScan MacSyView Assistance PLEASE

I am trying to use TXSScan MacSyFinder to identify secretion systems in my bacterial genome. I upload the genome in the requested GenBank format. Upon selecting the sequence and running the analyses, results populate my “history.” However, when I look at the data, seems like there is nothing there. It provides me with 5 outputs for a single analysis:

MacsyView output
summary output
report output
hmmer results

They all seem to have not data in them. The only one that has a download option is the hmmer results, but when I download the file there three files for each thing it searched for:


I dont know how to open these files or what to do. As this bacterium doesn’t have certain secretion systems, there should be no file; however, I am pretty sure this is not really data, as there are these files for every secretion system protein that the program was searching for. So not sure what to do or why it doesn’t give me any data. This bacterium should at least have one secretion system.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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This tool is specific to the public Galaxy server at https://galaxy.pasteur.fr/. There could be a data input problem or some server-side issue leading to unexpected results.

The tool hasn’t been published to the wider Galaxy community through the Tool Shed, which means there is little help we can offer at this forum unless their admins/support staff find your post and reply later.

It is probably quicker to contact this server’s support team directly. Find the contact email on the homepage of the server, second box down, center pane. It is also listed here: https://galaxyproject.org/use/galaxy-pasteur/

Hope that helps!

Hi @jarredyb , I have exactly the same problem as you and was wondering if you could share the reply/help you got here, or if you managed to work out how to access results? That would be really helpful, many thanks!