Tool for Serotype, Plamids, Virulence genes and Antibiotic Resistance

Does anyone know one tool on Galaxy which can give me informations about the serotype, plasmids, virulence genes and antibiotic resistance about my E. coli bacteria at the same place? I can’t use different tools for that. If anyone knows, I’ll be quite grateful.

Hi @camillybulhosa

There are tutorials for these, see Most include a workflow, which functions a bit like a single tool. You can even favorite a workflow and it shows in the tool panel just like a single tool.

Maybe you can explain more about why multiple tools is a problem? At a minimum, you’d need to do some QA before analysis…

My advisor told me there’s one single tool for that and we should use it. He hasn’t said the name, thought. Part of our task it’s to find it. It’s just impossible because all I have seen is isolate tools

Hum, it might not be wrapped for Galaxy or I just don’t know about it!

Other people here are welcome to add in more replies :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.